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2022-05-24 16:49:41What is the company’s current strategy & tactics?essayblazers.com
OverviewFor the Strategic Audit you will be analyzing a company of your choosing and using what you learn to make strategicrecommendations going forward. The link between the past (in particular: how the company has performed over time),the present (in particular: the current strategy and trajectory), and the future (in particular: what type of strategy wouldbest enable the company to achieve or maintain competitive advantage in light of the internal and externalenvironment) is key. For each section make sure you tie back to the company’s strategy.PlagiarismIf you include content in the report, you are presenting it as your own work unless it is in quotation marks. It isplagiarism to paste another person’s work without quoting and providing a reference. I have had multiple cases wherethis was attempted, all of which resulted in Academic Misconduct Hearings. If you choose to work with a partner, youpotentially responsible for any plagiarism in the report so please track your work. In the event that the partners disagreeabout the origin of a plagiarized passage, a determination for the proportional responsibility of the two students will bedecided in an Academic Misconduct Hearing.Selecting a companyYou may choose any company you’d like (with 5 exceptions listed below). Part of the audit is a performance analysis, sokeep in mind if you choose a privately-held company, it may be difficult to find the recommended three to five metricsfor assessing performance. Because of past instances of attempted plagiarism you may NOT use the following fivecompanies:TargetWalmartAmazonAppleSamsungMicrosoftTeslaFordRed BullUSE BOEING Company for this reportFramework•The evaluation will assess:1. That you’ve adequately completed the requested analyses (including all steps listed below)2. That you’ve thoughtfully incorporated these into the Conclusions & Recommendations section.3. In doing so, you properly apply the relevant concepts from the textbook.•The report needn’t be overly formal, but please try to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors as much as possible.•You can include an introduction if you choose, but I’ll be reading through the reports to look for the key points ofanalysis (as laid out in the guide), so extra work on an introduction is unlikely to contribute to a higher score.•Each section should be about a half a page long (single-spaced, 12-pt, Times New Roman).•Although not required, tables can be useful for presenting information succinctly (particularly for the performanceanalysis)•Note: the length recommendation is a general suggestion, if you can address every item in the guide in with lesswriting, that is acceptable.•Below is a guideline of what to include in each section. You must include five sections for Strategy Analysis,Performance Analysis, External Analysis, Internal Analysis, and Conclusion & Recommendations. Try to address all thequestions (listed below) within these section in some fashion.•The more you can frame your analyses relative to main competitors in the firm’s industry or industry average, thebetter.I. Audita. Strategy Analysisi. What is the company’s current strategy & tactics?1. Business-levela. To what extent has the firm established a cost leadership advantage?i. How (see sources of advantage in Ch. 4)?b. To what extent has the firm established a differentiation advantage?i. How (see sources of advantage in Ch. 5)?c. For each of these questions, try to demonstrate that you understandwhat each generic strategy means. Provide a concrete example for yourassertion of the level of cost leadership advantage and the level ofdifferentiation advantage.2. Corporate-levela. How diversified is the firm?b. In which markets does the firm compete and how they compete?i. General or focused scopeii. Extent of product diversificationiii. Extent of geographic diversificationc. Are there any important strategic alliances or recent acquisitions?b. Performance Analysisi. How has your company done relative to its competitors?1. Use at least three metrics. Try to select those that are most relevant2. For each metric, benchmark performance against competitors or industryaverage, and against the company’s past performance.a. Use two or more measures of accounting performance (See Table 1.1)i. Provide at least one of the following: ROA, gross profit margin,EDITDA, revenue growthii. Do not use gross revenue/sales or share priceb. If possible, try to find one non-financial performance metric that’sparticularly relevant for the industry in which your company operates(e.g. occupancy rate for hotel chains, new customer activations forwireless network carriers, new product releases/patents for technologycompanies, etc.). If there is not a non-financial metric that is important oravailable, try to find a financial one that is particularly important for yourcompany’s industry (e.g. same-store sales growth for restaurant chains)3. In which aspects of performance is the company excelling and lagging? How wellis the company performing overall and to what extent it has a competitiveadvantage?4. How has the current strategy affected performance (remember that some longterm strategies entail short-term sacrifices early in their implementation)?c. External Analysisi. What is the current industry structure/level of competition (perfectcompetitionàmonopoly) and what are the consequences (See Table 2.7)ii. At what stage is the industry in the industry life cycle (emerging, mature, declining)?1. Is there potential to re-define the industry through innovation?iii. Analyze the industry and your firm’s position with Porter’s 5 Forcesiv. What are the opportunities and threats related to the external environment?v. How does the external environment influence the company’s strategic options?d. Internal Analysisi. Identify at least three key resources/resource bundles/capabilities for your company1. In what part of the supply chain are resources/capabilities deployed?ii. Analyze whether each key resource/capability is Valuable, Rare, and Costly to Imitate(See Table 3.3)1. Use the VRIO analysis for resources/bundles of resources (not for the firm as awhole)iii. Are there resources/capabilities that the company needs to acquire/develop?iv. What strengths and weakness exist due to the internal environment?v. How does the internal environment influence the company’s strategic options?II. Conclusion & Recommendationsa. Strategic Options Identifications and Evaluationi. What works what doesn’t1. How has the current strategy affected performance (remember that some longterm strategies entail short-term sacrifices early in their implementation)?2. Potential fixes?ii. Describe multiple paths (as a collection of strategic & tactical choices) the companycould pursue1. When you evaluate important tactical decisions establish where they lie withinthe broader strategy2. Look at each choice as either having two alternatives or a continuum alongwhich the firm can aim at a certain point3. Evaluate each choice individuallya. What the advantages, disadvantages, and risks exist?4. Evaluate the choices collectivelya. Is there path dependency (e.g. if you choose a certain direction for onechoice, will it dictate the direction for another choice)?b. Could any pair or group combinations create conflict within the overallstrategyc. Do any combinations create synergies?5. What should the company do going forward?
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