Must include at least 3 scholarly citations in APA format. Any sources cited mus

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowMust include at least 3 scholarly citations in APAformat. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years.In addition, must integrate a minimum of 2 citatios of biblical scripturalsupport as well as the course textbook in each post/reply.CourseTextbook:McConnell, C. R. (2019). Humanresource management in health care. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.Chapters 20-22.Qualityservices and products should be the goal for all manufacturing companies andservice organizations. Consistently providing quality to consumers buildsone’s reputation and can have a significant impact on the business. Inhealthcare, quality is more than a goal. It must be the standard by whichall healthcare organizations operate. Quality metrics ensure that targetsset by government regulations are met, pay for performance (P4P) reimbursementsare received, and the best care is being provided to the community. Thepursuit of quality improvement in healthcare results from high healthcareexpenditures with little improvement in patient outcomes. Now, healthcareorganizations are tasked with the responsibility to improve patient outcomesthrough the quality of care while reducing healthcare costs. The best wayto accomplish this goal is to improve efficiency. A recent school of thoughtincludes a collaborative approach to providing the needed healthcareservices. Collaboration between various healthcare professionals,patients, and the patients’ families creates a type of partnership in thedelivery of healthcare services. Compiling a diverse team with a varietyof knowledge and skills to provide healthcare services leads to better and moreeffective care, improved efficiency, and less risk. Multifunctionalhealthcare teams are more effective and efficient in that they can share ideasand determine the best possible treatment earlier, errors may be avoided,eliminate re-work, and avoid miscommunication (Morley & Cashell,2017). To foster this method of improved productivity, HR professionalscan work with department leaders to create policies for collaborativecare. Once those policies are approved and written, they must bepublished and distributed to staff.Performance measurement is a keyfactor in improving efficiency, productivity, and quality. Performancemeasurement includes things such as practical reporting systems and developingperformance goals. Performance goals can be set based on benchmarkingdata. Using benchmarks allows organizations to compare their performancewith that of other organizations and to determine best practices. Bestpractices identification points management toward better efficiency practicesand better quality of care practices (Vainieri et al., 2019). HRprofessionals can work with leadership in all areas to research benchmarks,identify best practices, and define goals. Once these steps are taken, HRmay then implement policies for performance measurement. Managers mustinform staff of the goals and hold each staff member accountable for their rolesin meeting the targets.Organizations meeting quality,efficiency, and productivity standards keep employees in mind. Employeesatisfaction is an element of quality standards and has been proven to resultin higher productivity, more creativity, and increased enthusiasm. Keyelements to employee satisfaction include supportive management, clearlydefined job expectations, challenging work tasks, free expression, andappropriate recognition (Vainieri et al., 2019). Employeesatisfaction has been identified as a key element in low turnover rates. High turnover leads to lower efficiency and decreased productivity. Withless staff to complete the tasks quality may decline. New hires requiretraining and orientation. These practices take time and reduceproductivity also. HR can work with managers to ensure that theidentified elements of high employee satisfaction are being met.There are multiple ways forhealthcare organizations to show their commitment to quality. One way forhospitals to share with the public is by receiving a Magnet designation. The Magnet recognition came about in the early 1980s, a time when the U.S. wasexperiencing high turnover rates and nursing shortages. Magnetrecognition focuses on five elements that improve the quality of care. Those five elements are “transformational leadership; structural empowerment;exemplary professional practice; new knowledge, innovation, and improvements;and empirical quality results” (Rodriguez-Garcia et al., 2020, para. 2). Magnet distinction has long been associated with quality standards and bestpractices. Most hospitals that have been a recipient of this prestigiousaward invest in the employees and provided satisfactory working environmentsand have high job satisfaction, less burnout, fewer intentions for leaving,less turnover, lower mortality rates, lower patient fall rates, and higherpatient satisfaction (Rodriguez-Garcia et al., 2020). Good workingconditions make staff want to stay. The efforts made by organizationalleadership to improve working conditions are vital for employeeretention. The work environment is also considered a benefit and even ajob perk. At the same time, these organizations’ commitment to qualitystandards brings a certain level of accountability and expectation of theemployee. Quality work will be expected. All of these factors aidin enticing exceptional candidates to fill vacant positions and encourageexisting employees to stay. One of the most inefficient areasof a hospital is the emergency department (ED). Physicians can treat awide range of cases some of which require significant amounts of care. This can lead to long wait times for patients who have less severeconditions. Patients experience frustration when wait times arelong. Patients may leave the ED before they have seen a provider oragainst medical advice (AMA) before all test results are complete (Spikes,2019). Undiagnosed or untreated conditions related to long wait timesresult in poor outcomes for the patient and a negative view of the ED andhospital by the community. HR professionals must help eliminateovercrowding and reduce wait times by working with ED leadership to do astaffing analysis and recruit sufficient staff to cover the department duringpeak times. An adage claims that idle handsare the devil’s playground. This may be true as mischief tends to happenwhen boredom sets in. That is why we must keep busy. Beingproductive in doing the Lord’s work will keep Christians out of the proverbialtrouble. Scripture teaches us that staying busy is beneficial. “Inall toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty” (EnglishStandard Version, n.d., Proverbs 14:23). We have also been instructed toseek the Lord’s will for our time and efforts. “Look carefully then howyou walk, not as unwise, but as wise, making the best use of the time, becausethe days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what thewill of the Lord is” (English Standard Version, n.d., Ephesians 5:15-17). Seeking the Lord’s will before engaging in any activity will ensure that we arebeing the most productive and making the best use of our time.For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated
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